Voltaire attacks several subjects, both specific and general, throughout Candide. Here is a list of some of those subjects:

1. Leibniz's and Pope's optimism
2. Class prejudice
3. Imperialim/Colonialism
4. Scientific/Philosophical explanations of the unknown
5. Religion and hypocrisy
6. Political corruption
7. Slavery
8. War
9. Your own qualification of a subject attacked in Candide

The focus during your reading of chapters 7-12 was on schadenfreude and exaggeration. Choose two of the subjects listed above and write a paragraph-long analysis for each subject in which you explain how Voltaire uses each of the above literary techniques to ridicule each of the subjects you have chosen. YOU MAY NOT USE ANY OF THE SUBJECTS THAT YOU USED TO CREATE YOUR CHAPTER 1-6 RESPONSES!

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